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Open Systems Software Architect

Location: Houston, TX
Job Type: Direct Hire
Salary: $250,000.00 - $350,000.00
Degree: Bachelor;
Date: 12/16/2018
Job ID: 02646199
Job Description
Our client, a major international oil and chemical company, has many tens of billions of dollars invested in many DCS systems around the world, nearly all from the same vendor. Those systems operate and control large refineries, chemical plants and oil fields and other entities like fleets. The client decided well over a year ago to create their own DCS system to replace heritage Honeywell TDC and successor systems. They currently need a strong software oriented DCS Architect to play a principal role in the development of a real time, fail safe, deterministic system. The chosen candidate will be in a lead position and must have experience coordinating the interests of diverse stakeholders on major projects.

Compensation probably can be greater than $300,000 if necessary, depending on experience. The client offers a very professional work environment, great management, marvelous resources including very deep pockets and a fringe benefit program that is tough to beat. The position is based in their impressive client owned space in suburban Houston. The person sought might be a manager or a director but IS NOT a person working at a desk in routine repetitive tasks assigned by others.
To clarify the following, we give a brief definition of a key term. In DETERMINISTIC models, the output of the model is fully determined by the parameter values and the initial conditions, as in chemical reactions where when one knows the materials present, temperatures, pressures, and the order of and timing of processing steps, etc. The outcome is very predictable with certainty. There is no randomness so exact control is possible. The candidate we seek has a leadership role in the development of deterministic systems which essentially include nearly all distributed control systems.
In Stochastic models, the opposite is true since there is some inherent randomness. Not what we seek.

If you have an idea about the rare candidate you think fits because he / she matches each and every one of these FOUR requirements below, please send me the name and email of your nominee (or more info if you have it) so we can approach them. The client will hire only USA citizens or permanent resident visa holders for this full time career position in suburban Houston. Relocation and interview is company paid.

4 ELEMENTS - BOOLEAN LOGIC - Experience Requirements:

1. software architect with prior successful experience developing open standard, vendor independent systems 
2. (software OR oracle OR sql OR DCS OR (control system))
3. (deterministic OR (reaction and process) OR (reaction AND engineer*) OR (reaction AND model*))
4. (realtime OR "real time" OR online OR "on line" OR "on-line")


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