Matching your Granite Countertops with Backsplashes

Choosing your countertop is one small, albeit very important step of a long, demanding kitchen remodeling process. You have to be keen on your backsplashes, your floors, your boards, and your furniture/ gadgets. In a very likely case that you have selected your countertop material to be granite, your next step would be to choose the best backsplash for that granite countertop.

A backsplash may not be what one would consider a centerpiece of a kitchen, but it is a statement piece that will bring the entire look of your kitchen together. So to give your kitchen a coordinated, artistic look, you are going to have to put some thought into the kind of backsplash that will look best with your countertop.


The guide below will give you a few backsplash ideas for your granite countertop. 

Basics of matching your Granite countertops with Backsplashes

  • Start by making a Visual Board Online

Browse the internet, look around and download the most relevant pictures and ideas you can find. Make a folder on your computer with the most pleasing-looking combinations. Mix and match different colors and materials of your granite countertop with different backsplashes until you shortlist the compatible ones.

  • Choose the Style of Granite

In case you have not selected the type of granite you will use in your countertops, start by looking into the types of granite available. 

style of granite

Granite for countertops is the most common and maintainable material. It is extremely durable, has good heat and damage resistance, and does not stain as easily as some of the other materials. And here’s the catch! It comes in all sorts of colors and patterns that can help with your aesthetics. 

The two main styles of granite, based on their patterns;

  • Busy granite: Busy granite has speckled patterns on it. 
  • Uniform granite, as the name suggests, has one single color throughout. 

Both of these have distinct variations, and both of them come in all sorts of colors. Based on that, we then go into selecting the best backsplash for our granite counters.

  • Pick the Style and Type of Backsplash

Before we go into the vast world of coloring schemes and color wheels, we will first try to finalize the type of backsplash that will go best with granite countertops. Matching colors will not be enough. You have to take into consideration the different textures, materials, designs, and general balance of the backsplash. 


Keep in mind that the best backsplash for your granite counter is the one that does not overshadow your countertop. In other words, make sure your countertop is the center of attention, and your backsplash is just the accessory. 

  • Identify the Ambiance of Your Kitchen

You need to have an idea of the aesthetics you will be expecting for your kitchen after the remodeling. Do you expect it to be a traditional English kitchen or a contemporary minimalistic one? Will it have neutral colors to go with its formal look, or will it be bold and bright to complement its beige backsplash with busy granite countertops?

Having a general outlook in mind will give you a better idea of the backsplash that will go best with your granite counter.

  • Select the Type of Finish You Want

Do you want your backsplash with granite countertop to be matte? Or do you want a glossy finish? How about both? Maybe you want your countertop to be matte and your backsplash to be shiny, or maybe you want the opposite. 

Some Ideas for the Best Backsplash for your Granite Countertops

  • Safe and Simple

Granite is naturally glossy, so to balance it out, you may get a backsplash that has a matte finish to it. That would look the best and would be the safest bet. 

For example, a dark matte backsplash with busy granite would look amazing.

  • Granite All The Way

You could also simply use your countertop granite material as your backsplash. This would give your kitchen a very minimalistic, modern, and cohesive finish.

  • When in Doubt, Color Theory It Out

If you’re still unsure about your color scheme and do not know what color would complement your granite countertop. Simply open a color wheel and locate your counter’s exact color on it. The color opposite to that would be a really good backsplash color for your granite countertop, according to the color wheel theory. You can use similar ways to find out more about monochromatic themes if that is your cup of tea. 

  • Patterns and Prints 


For a bolder look, use a backsplash with patterns on it. You can find them in all shapes and designs, with flowers, swirls, weaves, mosaics, and even basic geometrical patterns. Just make sure they’re not too bold. We don’t want our countertops to be masked by them.

  • Go Big or Go Small and Strong

Decide on the size of your backsplash. Do you want the entire part of your kitchen walls covered with it, or do you want a small portion that makes a statement? Measure it out and compare it with the theme you have in mind.

Kitchen remodeling is art for some of us, but for others, it could be a significantly stressful process. So we hope our guide on how to choose the best backsplash for your granite countertops will help you ease into the process and help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams!


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