How to Clean Quartz Countertops Like a Pro

Your countertops are where you play with the ingredients or place your essentials. With time, the surface gets less shiny and loses its luster. To keep your quartz countertops smoothly managed and workable, you must have adequate knowledge, tips, and a powerful cleaning kit to remove dirt or stains instantly.


How Often You Need to Clean Your Quartz Countertops


If you wish to take care of quartz countertops, the perfect way is to clean the surface with a strong solution after every meal preparation. Further, bathroom quartz countertops must also be cleaned with a disinfectant.

This practice makes your countertop surface clean and lusty and maintains it to last long years.

Moreover, in-depth weekly cleaning can eradicate the accumulated grease that builds up on the surface within the week and can’t be cleaned precisely.


Keep Your Quartz Countertops Clean With These Tips


On your countertops, various types of stains and dirt require different kinds of quartz countertop cleaners. For instance, ink stains or paint strokes can be removed with the help of rubbing alcohol, leaving your quartz countertop free of stains.The stubborn sticky mess might seem a big thing, but removing it is easy as you can use simple cleaning techniques. Place an ice cube over the gum stain and let it harden; later, wipe it out with a cloth and clean the surface with soap and water.

You should use hot water to treat the greasy stains that make your countertop surface messy and oily.

Spill the hot water all over the quartz countertop surface, let it be there for a few minutes, and then clean it with a sponge or a rough cloth to absorb all the grease.


These simple tricks can save time and help you freely manage your favorite countertops.


  • Avoid The Use Of Harsh Things That Damage The Quartz Countertops’ Surface
  • Maintaining and cleaning your countertop can be simple, but here are a few things you must only use to clean quartz countertops.
  • You must avoid using rough clothes or pads that can scratch the luster of the surface.
  • Using sharp-edged tools to scratch the hard stains will build unavoidable and permanent scratches.
  • Frequent use of strong chemicals can weaken the surface and make it dull and dusky, lowering its overall appearance.
  • Notably, the acidic stains like lemons or citric juices last long and even become permanent if not cleaned instantly.


Placing Hot Pots and Pans On The Countertops


Although quartz countertops are completely heat-resistant and even more heat-resistant than any other stone countertops, they sustain damage from instant temperature swings. To prevent the quartz countertop from fading, always use spatulas and hot pads that perfectly take care of quartz countertops. Importantly, the damages by the heat and high temperatures are permanent and lead you to replace the particular quartz stone.

But if you clean and manage the countertops with the help of simple tips, it becomes easier to work and is long-lasting.


Cutting or Slicing Directly On The Countertops


Only cut or chop anything on your quartz surfaces directly. Knives and other pointed items are prone to causing dings and scrapes. Additionally, quartz may be cracked or chipped by dumping large things on it with too much force.

 Always utilize a cutting board when slicing food, and take additional care around edges and sink cuts.


The Best Way To Clean Quartz Countertops


How To Clean Quartz Countertops The Quick Way?


With just a soft cloth, lukewarm, and a little soap or detergent, you can clean the quartz countertops every day. To protect the quartz’s surface, the cleanser you use should not be abrasive and must not include bleach.

The countertop surface may occasionally need to be cleaned of dried-on food or other substances like gum, paint, or grease. To prevent damaging the quartz:

  • Use a plastic utility knife and be extremely delicate.
  • Discourage using sharp metal items or a metal scraper.
  • Only use a solvent cleaner designed particularly for quartz to prevent any potential harm if you must.


How To Clean Quartz Countertops In-Depth?


Your quartz countertops can often be kept clean with daily cleaning with soap and water. However, for deep cleansing, you can use a non-abrasive surface cleaner for good scrubbing regularly. Various quartz countertops cleaners for households are excellent for difficult or dried-on stains. 

For deep cleaning of quartz, liberally spray the cleanser and allow it to set for at least ten minutes, and then remove with a non-scratch sponge. Use a gentle cleaner; it is okay to use it on quartz and other non-porous surfaces.

For more difficult stains, you may also use a solution of water and rubbing alcohol.

If you have quartz countertops, you’re lucky enough to have a countertop that does not need any sealant or luster spray to maintain its shine. Quartz countertops in themselves are non-absorbent and prevent any moisturizing or rusting.

Therefore, cleaning quartz countertops is nothing complex and uses a simple way to clean and maintain to last longer and be more durable.


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