The Ultimate Guide to White Quartz Countertops

With the aesthetic of natural stone, minus the maintenance, quartz countertops give granite a run for its money.

Years ago, there were primarily two options for countertops in the kitchen and bathroom: one that was low-maintenance and affordable, and another that was stylish, attractive, and appealing. Aren’t you happy with how things have changed?

Quartz countertops are the pinnacle of design and functionality right now.

You won’t ever again have to choose between beauty and convenience of maintenance because there are so many hues available, from polished ebony to quartz with a traditional Carrara marble appearance and exquisite veining.

Quartz is an engineered, man-made material that may imitate a variety of natural products, including the delicate swirling patterns of travertine or the spectacular veining and glitter of marble and granite. If you’re looking for the ideal countertop that is completely white, look no further.


What are quartz countertops made out of?


First and foremost, what exactly are quartz countertops comprised of? They are made using a manufacturing technique that combines roughly 95% ground natural quartz with 5% polymer resins to hold it all together.

The percentages vary by manufacturer, but the products are extremely durable, low-maintenance, and have a natural stone appearance in a range of hues.

Quartz is more robust and does not chip as easily. Because they are man-made, they provide a wide range of marbling designs and color options that real stone does not.


Why Quartz For Your Countertops


Many kitchen design magazines and Pinterest pages feature stunning white marble surfaces. They frequently use Bianco Carrara, a typical Italian marble with a light white/gray backdrop and a darker grey vein that conjures up images of luxury, opulence, and high fashion.

Marble, on the other hand, is a soft, metamorphic stone composed mostly of calcite. The marble’s surface is composed of thousands of tiny pores, which make the stone porous even when polished to a high gloss. It may absorb liquids such as spilled wine or pizza grease, causing lasting stains that contrast with the white backdrop.

Quartz countertops are available in many of the same colors and vein patterns as marble but do not require as much maintenance. Quartz countertops are composed of 90-93% quartz combined with resin. This implies they are non-porous and will not absorb staining substances. They are also resistant to acids and will not etch or dull with time.

With a white quartz countertop, you can have the aesthetic and design you desire while still enjoying the low upkeep and durability you want in a busy household.

The Many Quartz Styles

There are various white marbles and granites to pick from, each with its own individuality. This includes whites with gold veins, such as Thassos, as well as dazzling whites.

White quartz countertops are produced in many of the same whites and patterns as granite countertops, but with the added durability and ease of maintenance of quartz.


Blanca Arabescato Quartz


Blanca Arabescato Quartz is a great option if you want a white countertop but don’t want it to be too stark. This lovely countertop choice gives you the white appearance you want while also including some contrasting components to connect to the darker areas of your kitchen.

Your worktops will leave your guests stunned with their striking long black veins, whether installed as a countertop, backsplash, accent wall, or waterfall island.


Calacatta Leon


This dreamy, eye-catching quartz is delicate enough for any space but striking enough to make your heart race every time you look at it.

Calacatta Leon provides a beautiful white backdrop to any environment but is far from subtle because of the strong grey veining that runs throughout the slab.


Alabaster White Quartz


When it comes to finding the most inexpensive and gorgeous countertop for your house, the choice isn’t even between granite and quartz. There’s something refreshing about the appearance of a clean quartz slap with only a few grey veins.

When you include Alabaster White Quartz in your house, you’ll get a high-end marble look with the durability and low cost of quartz. Because the soft white backdrop is so delicate, it may merge into any scene.

Alabaster White is an excellent choice for all spaces, whether you want pure neutrals or contrasting kitchen cabinets.


Marbella White Quartz

Marbella White Quartz is the ideal quartz countertop for homeowners planning a setting with a lot of natural or artificial light due to its calm tone. It may be used to cool down any space regardless of lighting conditions!

With a soft white background and tonal veins throughout the slab, you’ll be able to enjoy timeless marble-look counters that appear to never age.

Marbella White is ideal for a range of applications countertops. No matter where you put this stunning White quartz, you will undoubtedly create a stunning space.

Quartz countertops offer whether you’re seeking to create a totally white kitchen or simply want a white counter to brighten and become the focal point of the space.

Create a kitchen that is both a style exhibit and a functional space where you can cook and eat without worrying about staining. Choose a white quartz slab for your next countertop to elevate the look of your kitchen.


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