5 Things No One Told You about Marble Countertops

One of the most popular, timeless, and classic countertop materials, marble is a favourite for many people when they consider renovation because it adds an aura of luxury. If you are considering changing your countertops, you must have gone through different choices for countertops and might have ended up thinking, is marble good for countertops?

Marbled countertops are known to stand out, which is one reason why people keep returning to them as a choice. If you are confused about marble for kitchen countertop, then you need to go through these pros and cons of marble countertops.

Where Do Marbled Countertops Come from?


Before you go through the pros and cons of marble countertops, you need to be a little aware of where they come from, whether is marble a good countertop, and what their origin is. Marble for kitchen counters is known as one of the oldest and finest natural stones, and marble countertops durability and usefulness is famous among people.

Also, marble counters in kitchen come with a long-term value, and will definitely remain as a timeless staple to come for generations. The elegance and versatility of marble in kitchen countertops is not going out of trend any time soon.

1.     Marble Countertops Are Good for Baking and Cooking


If you have a large family to feed, who loves desserts, then you will be delighted to know that marble counters in kitchen are known to be great for baking. When you choose marble kitchen counters, the dough will remain cool and not stick, and you can even place your baking pans on the marble surface without a worry.

Similarly, as marble is heat-resistant, it can be installed near your cooktop, but despite its ability to handle the heat, you should be careful. Never place a piping hot pan or cookware directly on the counter, and always place a pot holder underneath when using marble for kitchen countertop.

2.     Marble Countertops Require Extra Care


As marble is a high maintenance and porous surface, it requires additional care compared to other countertop surfaces. It is known to easily absorb spills from juices or oil, as well as food particles which is why it also requires professional sealing to prevent damage from occurring. Marble in kitchen countertops needs to be cleaned regularly as it stains easily.

Both food and liquid spills should not remain on marble for a long time, so the best option is to clean up the surface. However, the good part is that cleaning marble is super easy, and you don’t need to use any special cleaners for that. You can either clean your counters with a microfiber cloth and warm water or use some home remedy.

3.     Marble Countertops Increase Home Value


When you install marble in kitchen countertops, you should that they help ensure that your home value increases as it is known to be a luxury symbol. If you ever plan to sell your house in the future, then people will be attracted to marble, and it is a timeless and classic piece that you can have in your kitchen.

Moreover, marble countertops durability is well-known, which is another reason why anyone would love to have such a material at home. Many homeowners believe that if they have marble installed inside their kitchen, then the price of their property will automatically go up.

4.     Marble Countertops Scratch Easily


If you are wondering is marble good for countertops, you should know that marble is prone to scratches, which is one of the reasons why people tend to avoid it. The reason why marble scratch easily is that it is a softer countertop material compared to granite, and even unintentional scratches can become very obvious.

However, if you want to avoid those scratches, then you can get a sealant or polish over your marble countertops. People also opt for honing so they can make the scratches less noticeable. Moreover, if you want to stop your marble from scratching, then use cutting boards, do not place the knife on the counter, and keep metal things away from it.

5.     Marble Countertops Are One of a Kind


Is marble a good countertop addition to your kitchen? Let us tell you what we think of it. Marble countertops are known to be one of a kind, meaning that no two slabs of marble are exactly alike, and that is what makes it unique and beautiful.

As they are formed under an immense amount of pressure and heat, these countertops and have an air of elegance to them. If you appreciate art and have a liking for it, you will understand how each slab of marble has its own perfections, and it can be a stunning choice for you if you want to have an aesthetic result at the end of the day.


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