Natural Stone Suppliers Melbourne (Florida)

Natural stone is one of the most popular materials used for interior design. From bathrooms and backyards to kitchens, most people go for a variant of natural stone for designing their home’s main parts, such as marble look benchtops, stone kitchen benchtops, or using dolomite slabs. Granite, quartz, and limestone are other popular names in the natural stone category. 

Whichever natural stone material you want to use for renovating your home, you must ensure to go for the top suppliers only. Choosing a trustworthy and reputable supplier will ensure you get the best service and highest quality material in your area. 

So, to save you time and effort, here is a list of the top natural stone suppliers you can contact in Melbourne, Florida. Keep reading. 


Cokina Stones is a supplier of customized natural stones in the Florida region. It supplies stone for use in both residential areas and commercial buildings. If you are looking for a customized centerpiece for your home, such as a fountain or some other moldings, Cokina Stone is the place to be in Florida. You can also contact them for a free price quote and a consultation session. Visit their official website for more details. 


If you are looking for marble countertops Melbourne or slabs of granite Melbourne, EdStone Inc. is the best supplier for you. EdStone dominates the Central Florida region by providing the best quality granite, quartz, and other natural stone countertops for your kitchen, bathroom, and other house areas. They deal in the installation of other accessories as well, such as shower floors and vanity tops. 

With decades of experience, you can be assured of the best quality work only by EdStone Inc. Whether you want to create a modern look with marble countertops Melbourne or go for a traditional touch with granite, EdStone has something for everyone looking to upgrade their homes. 

You can contact these natural stone suppliers to learn more about their prices and get a free estimate of the interior of your home. EdStone operates in the region of Florida, so you can contact them, visit them, or go to the website for more details.


Pebble junction has been operating in the natural stone business for over 15 years. These suppliers are a part of the larger parent firm, Delaware Quarries. The parent company is a huge player in supplying natural stone products. Pebble junction operates in the region of Melbourne, Florida. You can get a range of natural stone products from Pebble Junction, such as wall blocks, decorative gravel, landscape boulders, and more. 


For marble benchtops Melbourne or countertops in other natural stones like granite, Hammond kitchens and bath is a great choice in the area of Central Florida. This supplier of stone, glass, mosaic marble, and other materials is a remarkable choice for remodeling your home or a portion of your home at an affordable price. 

You can visit their office in Melbourne, Florida, to discuss the details. Visit the official website or call them directly to get more information. 


UMI Stone is where you can get some of the most unique and finest natural stones for your home or other projects. From marble benchtops Melbourne to stone benchtops Melbourne, UMI is one of the biggest suppliers of natural stone products. While it is located in the region of Florida, the company ships to locations globally.


Brevard is a huge name in the supplier industry for natural stones. You can choose from a wide range of materials to renovate your home, from granite Melbourne to stone kitchen benchtops. Other natural stones you can get from Brevard Stones include travertine and soapstone. Brevard is a family company and has been running efficiently for a long time. They are situated in Melbourne, Florida. Visit their website to get more details.


How to choose the best Natural Stone Supplier in Florida?


Whether you want a super white dolomite countertop and are looking for dolomite slabs or want to go for marble look benchtops, you must pick the right supplier for a smooth renovation project.

One of the factors to consider is industry expertise. Natural stone is a cutthroat industry, and the supplier should be reputable in that industry. A better, experienced company will have more relationships and will be able to fulfill your order at more affordable rates and a faster pace. 

The supplier should also have a wide range of choices in natural stone products. Whether you want a slab for stone benchtops Melbourne or a super white dolomite countertop, it is better to be able to get the required materials from one supplier. 

Amazing customer service and honest communication will make ordering, supplying, and delivering easier. If you are sourcing for a big project, affordable rates will especially be helpful. 

So, remember all the essential tips before choosing your natural stone supplier in Melbourne, Florida. 


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