Quartz Countertops and Slabs

Quartz slab and quartz countertops are one of the most popular materials for modern and aesthetic kitchens these days. Multiple people prefer opting for quartz countertops these days due to the variety of colors, designs, and styles that they offer.

If you are looking forward to renovating your home very soon, you must be considering different types of quartz countertops. If you have the right budget, quartz might be the material that you want to include in your kitchen, as it is the most sought-after and offers all the benefits that a homeowner would love to see.

Pros of Quartz Slabs


  • Easy to Maintain

If you are catering to a large family daily, it is important to make sure that your quartz countertops can be cleaned easily and look good all day.

Easy to Maintain quartz

When it comes to cleaning, one of the biggest advantages is that quartz is a non-porous material and is resistant to bacteria build-up. Moreover, your countertops won’t stain easily or require resealing if you spill juice, oil, wine, or coffee by mistake. However, keep in mind that if you want to maintain your countertops, wipe them with a soft cloth after use.

  • High Durability

Another reason why quartz is one of the leading countertop materials is that it is a very durable material. It is strong and resistant to chipping and scratching. It is a great option for households that prepare proper meals 3 times a day because it is great at resisting wear and tear.

Also, if you take care of your quartz countertops, they will easily last you between 10 to 15 years. However, if you want to maintain durability, make sure that you avoid placing hot mugs or pans directly on the surface.

High Durability-quartz-countertops

  • Multiple Options to Choose From

When it comes to having an aesthetic and contemporary kitchen, many people would love to choose between different colors, styles, and designs for their kitchen countertops.

Quartz can even be made to resemble granite or marble, and it offers multiple light and simple patterns as well as dark colors that can be fully customized according to your needs. You can even match the aesthetics of the quartz countertop and match it with the existing colors and patterns in your kitchen.

Multiple Options to Choose From Quartz

Color Options for Quartz Countertops


  • Calacatta Quartz Countertop

Calacatta Quartz, which is one of the most opted-for countertops by people, is a solid type of quartz that is stain-resistant and can be ideal for your kitchen as well as your bathroom and dining rooms.

With a white base, it has a distinct grey and blue colored veining design on it, and the veining can vary from countertop to countertop.

If you are thinking of installing Calacatta quartz countertops, you can even match your kitchen look with it by either adding white-colored cabinets or can choose between shades of grey and blue.

Calacatta Quartz Countertop

  • Grey Quartz Countertop

Grey quartz countertops can be a fantastic countertop option for you if you don’t want a countertop that is white or in any other color. When you are incorporating a grey quartz countertop, it will look great with darker cabinets, such as wooden cabinets or even dark brown ones.

Also, if you are looking for a classic look with lots of sunlight pouring in through the windows, a white kitchen with grey-colored countertops will also look elegant and bright.

Tips for Keeping Your Quartz Countertops Clean


Even though quartz countertops are non-porous and do not require a lot of maintenance or care, you should take care of the basics so that your countertops last for a long time.

To ensure the safety of your quartz countertops, make sure you follow the expert tips mentioned below:

  • Always use a cutting board for vegetables, meat, and fruits instead of directly cutting on the countertop itself.
  • Place a mat or a coaster on the countertop before you place any hot mugs or saucepans on the counter. If you place something hot directly on the counter, you could end up damaging them.
  • When you spill coffee, juice, or oil by mistake on the countertops, make sure you clean it immediately and do not keep the spills lying. If you don’t clean it up immediately, the countertop will absorb all the liquid.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals cleaners on the countertops and instead stick to natural cleaners. You can also use a simple dishwasher with warm water or baking soda to occasionally clean your countertops.

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